712 94, Grythyttan, Loka, Sweden
+46 (059) 163100
Grythyttan, Loka, Örebro län, 712 94, Sweden


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Loka Brunn has provided visitors with life-giving energy for a great many years. People have made pilgrimages here for hundreds of years to meet and drink the spring waters, enjoy themselves and relax. Since 2007 Loka Brunn has been owned and run by the Spendrup family who are carrying on these traditions, ensuring that they are maintained to the highest degree. To this day Loka is a favourite spot for people to meet and its popularity is now enhanced by modern facilities. Loka Brunn is indeed a unique place that we are proud to share.

At Loka Brunn, you can sleep in comfort, enjoy superb cuisine, hold conferences and indulge yourself at the Spa. There are 154 hotel rooms, 24 conference and public rooms and a restaurant which can accommodate 300 guests. The Water Salon offers unique experiences such as bathing in hot springs, saunas, indoor golf range, a spa treatment centre and spa reception area with a shop and café.

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