4, Thermál út, 8749, Zalakaros, Hungary
Zalakaros Bath
Gránit Gyógyfürdő Zrt.
4, Thermál út, Zalakaros, Zala County, 8749, Hungary


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We have been building, developing and expanding our spa since 1965 in order to satisfy your needs in every respect. Our main aim is to be the meeting place of every age-group within the family, and besides providing the wide scale of medical treatments built on spa water, we ensure recreation and refreshment by the thermal water of valuable mineral content in the Medical Centre - Adventure Bath block, where we provide families with energy and entertainment. In the thermal beach, which is situated in a beautiful park environment, swimming pools of varied functions, from medicinal water sitting pools to a wave pool, provide every member of the family with rest, regeneration and great water fun. Come to heal and have a rest in Zalakaros! Our treatments, which are offered as part of a cure under medical supervision, ensure the most efficient pain relief. Spend a long weekend in one of Hungary's most beautiful and biggest adventure baths, where bathing is not just an enjoyment, but also an adventure.
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