Pazár István sétány, 3519, Miskolc, Hungary
+36 (46) 560030
Pazár István sétány, Miskolc, Tapolcafürdő, 3519, Hungary


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The real treasure of place is the „lake bath” that has been shaped into Cave bath. It has been excavated and channelled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years. The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe, it is an unmatchable experience to bath in the swimming pool covered by nature, that has a nice temperature thermal water arisen depth of mountain, enjoy clear, fine air. Many swaer on curative power of cave bath, first of all thanks to nice and medicinal cave climate and warm karst water.

Experience bath in cave
Our guests can bath in hundreds of thousands year cave passages created by nature, enjoy nice massage of stream of wild water. Visitiors can hear boding echo of „star hall” and admire special forms of natural auricula that is unique in Europe.

Basins outside of cave
Our guests are welcome to our parkwayed swimming pool are close to 3,6 square miles size where 6 swimming pools and basins provide nice experiences. The swimming pool has a park suitable for relax available for handicapped peoploe as well due to its accessibility for tourists with reduced mobility.

Refreshing and medicinal thermal water
The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe, a bathing resort placed in a cave and above hot fountains. The 30 °C- temperatured water and the climate of the cave has curing power, especially in joint-case. However salt content of the water is lower than medicinal water – it does not reach 1000 milligramm/litre – so our guests can bath in it without time limit.

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