1, Boulevard Albert Camus, 40100, Dax, France
L’Espace Thermal
L’Espace Thermal
1, Boulevard Albert Camus, Dax, Aquitaine, 40100, France


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Need to relax and want to take care of you ? Looking to prevent any inconvenience to your daily stress or cure certain ailments painful ? Our space is for you. During a stay in treatment for three weeks or health for 6 days stay, you can receive care that will help revitalize your body through the ancestral virtues of spa water care. ? Let yourself go, peloid and thermal water are your new allies welfare.
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Resort/Hotel Spa
Our residence from L’Espace Thermal welcomes you in the spa town of Dax to make you discover the benefits of the Spa in liberty. Accommodation in studios for 1 to 4 people, T1 or T2, with balcony or...