23A, Omladinska ulica, 10310, Ivanić Grad, Croatia
Naftalan Special Hospital
Naftalan Special Hospital
23A, Omladinska ulica, Ivanić Grad, Zagrebačka županija, 10310, Croatia


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Do you live and work under stress? Are you tired? You would like to look better, feel better and livelier? Refresh your body with wellness programmes and renew your life and work energy at Wellness Centre NAFTALAN. Specially designed wellness and relax packages at the Wellness Centre NAFTALAN are the right thing for you.
Spa Info
Medical Spa
Seniors, Single
Naftalan, Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation disposes of 137 beds, 26 of which are of higher accommodating level. Each floor has a living room, and the guests can relax at the sundeck during...
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