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1, Trg Slobode, 42223, Varaždinske Toplice, Croatia
Varaždinske toplice
Varaždinske toplice
1, Trg Slobode, Varaždinske Toplice, Varaždinska županija, 42223, Croatia


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Ancient tradition, expertise and quality of services provided are ranked among top Croatian physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Spa Info
Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Families, Seniors, Single
Proud of its restaurants, recreational activities, and other facilities such as a hairdressing salon, cinema, entertainment evenings with music, ......
physiotherapy, health and Thermal water......
The building was constructed in 1871 for the purposes of accommodating horse carriages of bath guests. At the beginning of the 20th century the facility was reconstructed into a medical hotel. It is...
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