Ilidža, Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Health resort Ilidža
Health resort Ilidža
Ilidža, Ilidža, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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In the area of Ilidža (one of the constituent municipalities of Sarajevo), where our company is placed in the area of 40 hectares, the ambience of a large spa park, from ancient times cultivates habitat of high ecological quality and unspoiled nature, as well as multicultural and chronologically layered heritage. Ilidža, specifically defined as a space for human living, has always been a fashionable resort, ecological refuge, a tourist meeting, sports and recreational gathering place.
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Spa Terme is a four-star hotel and has 500 beds in single, double and triple rooms and suites and modern well equipped hospital rooms with special hospital beds and bathrooms adapted to the needs of...
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