3-9, Rue Hauster, 4051, Chaudfontaine, Belgium
Le Château des Thermes Chaudfontaine
Le Château des Thermes Chaudfontaine
3-9, Rue Hauster, Chaudfontaine, Région wallonne, 4051, Belgium


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The health resort Chaudfontaine provides hot springs and a picturesque countryside where you can take romantic bicycle tours along the river Vesdre. Li?ge is situated 10 kilometres away and worth visiting.
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Destination Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Seniors, Single, Younger
We have 47 rooms ****luxe, including: 7 "authentique" rooms 31 comfort rooms 7 junior suites 2 impérial suites The price includes breakfast and the access to our thermal centre...
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