300, Sebersdorf, 8271, Sebersdorf, Austria
H2O Health Resort
H2O Health Resort
300, Sebersdorf, Sebersdorf, Steiermark, 8271, Austria


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The H2O Health Resort is well-known for its family and all-inclusive vacations, great seasonal offers, relaxing massage offers and culinary delicacies enjoyed either in the hotel or spa restaurants. Therefore, the H2O Health Resort is the perfect symbiosis of fun and relaxation. Enjoying this spa the guests get the feeling of both, adventure and vacation under palms. Whether day trip or mini-vacation, whether alone, as a couple, or with the entire family, H2O bathing paradise offers bathing and sliding fun for everyone, regardless of the weather. Over 1,000 sq. meters of water and stunning water attractions await visitors in the indoor and outdoor areas, including bathing and sliding fun, a giant outdoor area with vacation at-mosphere, volleyball, soccer, and playground. Whether for splashing, romping, or relaxing, H2O spa resort thrills its guests with a wide variety of activities.
Spa Info
Destination Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Seniors, Single, Younger
You will be pleasantly surprised when just entering our entrance hall due to the fact that our attention will be attracted by the ample view on our H2O Adventure Spa. Consequently, the excited...
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