4, Brusattiplatz, Baden, 2500, Baden, Austria
Römertherme Baden
Römertherme Baden
4, Brusattiplatz, Baden, Baden, Niederösterreich, 2500, Austria


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Welcome to the Roman bath experience The Romans were the first people to appreciate the hot thermal springs in Baden and were great proponents of bathing for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. Located just 20 km from Vienna and a stone's throw away from Josefsplatz (last stop of the Badener Bahn railway), the "Römertherme" thermal baths offers a magnificent 3,500 m? spa world, which combines state-of-the-art wellness with traditional therapeutic treatments that make use of the water from the hot sulphur springs in Baden.
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Destination Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Seniors, Younger
The Health and Cure Hotel Badener Hof, which is connected to the Römertherme thermal baths, offers a stylish ambience for guests who don't just want to stop at a single visit to the spa, but who...
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