87, Karl-Rödhammer-Weg, Bad Vigaun, 5424, Sankt Margarethen, Austria
Thermal Spa Bad Vigaun
Thermal Spa Bad Vigaun
87, Karl-Rödhammer-Weg, Bad Vigaun, Sankt Margarethen, Land Salzburg, 5424, Austria


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Re-opened after extensive renovation and expansion work, the thermal spa Bad Vigaun presents itself since the beginning of 2009 with spacious sauna and hot, bubbling thermal pools.
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Destination Spa, Medical Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Seniors, Single
The Bad Vigaun Thermal Spa is part of the Bad Vigaun Medical Centre with a private clinic, "Kur" (thermal cure) and rehabilitation facilities, as well as a 4-star health hotel. From thermal cure and...
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