436, Lázeňské náměstí, 763 26, Luhačovice, Czech Republic
Spa Luhačovice
436, Lázeňské náměstí, Luhačovice, 763 26, Czech Republic


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Spa Luhacovice is the fourth largest and one of the most beautiful spas in the Czech Republic. You can find us in the picturesque valley among the untouched nature of the protected area called White Carpathians. Luhacovice differs from other spas in the strength of natural healing springs and the beauty of its surroundings. The singular architecture of the city completes the unique atmosphere of spa Luhacovice. Many spa buildings in Luhacovice were constructed in the style of Dusan Jurkovic, a Slovak folk Art Nouveau architect. A wonderful example of the architect's art is our exclusive spa hotel Jurkovicuv dum.
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