50, Dobrna, 3204, Dobrna, Municipality of Dobrna, Slovenia
Dobrna Thermal Spa
50, Dobrna, Dobrna, Municipality of Dobrna, Celje, 3204, Slovenia


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The Dobrna spa is a contemporary and dynamic health resort and tourist centre. The health resort merges gifts of nature with contemporary medical science, which places it at the exact top of Slovenian tourism.
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Destination Spa, Medical Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Families, Seniors, Single, Younger
The hotel was built in the year 1875 and in the year 2008 completely renovated. The hotel is suitable for all who wish to spend their free time actively. In it is located relaxation area, fitness...
The hotel is situated at the immediate entrance to the spa complex, where all the offers are joined under one roof. We have here: - the central reception for all the hotels, - a coffee shop with an...
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