100, Šmarješke Toplice, 8220, Šmarješke Toplice, Slovenia
Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa
Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa
100, Šmarješke Toplice, Šmarješke Toplice, Novo mesto, 8220, Slovenia


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Šmarješke Toplice lies at an elevation of 169 metres, amid forests and meadows in south-eastern Slovenia, only 80 kilometres from the lively capital of Ljubljana. The beauty of nature and the salubrity of the climate are further enhanced by the healing effects of the local thermal spring. Its positive characteristics are exploited by top-notch medical team for cardiovascular diseases treatment. Terme Krka was the first one in Slovenia to establish a foundation for dialogue and collaboration between conventional and complementary practices with the primary goal of promoting optimal health and well-being resulting in cutting-edge medical wellness centre with first-rate services.
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Destination Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Families, Seniors, Single
A renovated hotel with all the comforts. Including single rooms with queen-size double beds. For longer stays while on holiday or undergoing treatment. Good-sized, comfortable and air-conditioned...
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