10, Toplice, 3272, Rimske Toplice, Slovenia
Rimske Terme
Rimske Terme
10, Toplice, Rimske Toplice, Laško, 3272, Slovenia


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A pearl in an intact oasis of nature, among mighty vegetation and surrounded by beneficial effects of thermal springs will woke up a wish for creativity, relaxation and rest. We prepared just for you an offer of services for better condition and preserving health, working and creative energy.
Spa Info
Destination Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Couples, Families, Seniors
Is a bridge to the history of Rimske terme. It is situated between the Sofijin dvor**** Hotel and Zdraviliški dvor**** Hotel. The hotel is made of terraces and is perfect for creative work and the...
Offers 43 luxurious single and double rooms and hotel suits. As the well-being of our guests comes first the furniture and equipment in the rooms create an atmosphere of timeless elegance and comfort...
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