Read about some really useful tips on efficient packing of your luggage.

Proper baggage packing

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If you fought that you know how to get a good holiday selfie first check those tips listed below. We probably all make some cliche photos as well.

selfie on holiday

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Would you imagen to find over 1.000 butterflies in airport? Some airport offer a lit more than you would imagine. Check them all here.

great airports

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The massage

The different types If you go to a massage parlour, that is definitely a sex thing, although if you think you will have trouble remembering the word "parlour", here are some other clues: look for a building with entirely black windows that smells ... bad. You're probably in a massage parlour. Or a school for magicians. If it smells of anything nice - jasmine, for instance - and says "massage" on the door, then it is the other sort of massage.

Once you're sure you're in the other sort of massage establishment, do not use these words or phrases: "extras"; "I like it sweet"; "how about a bit lower down?"; "I'm in the market for something a bit more expensive."

Hands Don't touch the masseuse, or do anything at all with your hands that you wouldn't do in front of your mum. In fact, think of the masseuse as your mum.

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If you are looking for a longer trip adventure visiting different thermal spas across Europe by train you should consider buying eurail pass. You will save a lot of money if you plan your trip and buy ticket in advance for different countries

As you know prices of fuel can vary from country to country and are most expensive in Europe. But there are some savings possible.
We advice that you check prices of gas for all the countries that you will cross or visit and fill your tank right before or after border crossing to save money.

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You can travel with fast international train from city to city and relax in spa's in Europe or you can by a eurail ticket and take things much slower with regular trains.

And there is a difference in the prices. As you would asume the fast train ussually costs 15-35 % more than regular trains.

The natural mineral thermal water is good for your health, but each spring has his one typical indications.

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