Water contains healing; it is the simplest, cheapest and – if used correctly – the safest remedy.
Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp Cure is form of hydrotherapy, the application of water through various methods, temperatures and pressures (alternately covering the body with cold and warm water).

Discovered by Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest and one of the forefathers of the naturopathic medicine movement. He claimed this kind of treatment to have therapeutic or healing effects.

Kneipp was also the proponent of an entire system of healing which rested on 5 main tenets:

  • Hydrotherapy - Kneipp was able to heal many people with water.
  • Phytotherapy – The use of botanical medicines was another of Kneipp's specialities.
  • Exercise - Promoting health of the body through movement.
  • Nutrition - A wholesome diet of whole grains, fruits & vegetables with limited meat.
  • Balance - Kneipp believed that a healthy mind begot a healthy person.

While training for priesthood Kneipp fell ill with tuberculosis. At that time tuberculosis was an incurable disease. Kneipp was able to cure himself with water immersion baths and water therapy (he supposed to bathe two to three times a week in the cold Danube for a few months before he recovered).

His water applications are still very popular today, and easy to preform. We just need to alternately covering the body or part of a body with cold and warm water.

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