It is worth combining your holiday with a relaxing bathing cure. But before you decide to take the plunge, here is some more interesting information on medicinal and thermal springs: A medicinal spa uses water rich in minerals that medical tests clearly show has health benefits.


Thermal water is any naturally occurring spring that emerge at a temperature exceeding 28°C.

And what is balneotherapy? Balneotherapy is the treatment of a medical condition with water from a medicinal spring – particularly water with high concentrations of dissolved minerals and sediment. Balneotherapy is combined with physiotherapy, electrotherapy and therapeutic massage. This is complemented by related treatments,including drinking cures and inhalation.

Water types and indications Medicinal water with high calcium and iodine content is an effective cure for inflammation of the respiratory system. A high concentration of sulphur is ideally suited to the treatment of degenerative joint conditions and skin complaints. Water rich in dissolved carbon dioxide is beneficial to patients with heart conditions and those with peripheral circulatory problems. Salty water is recommended for women with gynaecological complaints and those with bladder infections and springs containing radon have a pain-killing effect.

Warning – Bathing times and recommended treatment periods » It is extremelyimportant to keep to the bathing times given, which should be increased gradually from 15 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutesat a time. A serious course of treatment should last at least two weeks. Prevention is also an increasingly important aspect of maintaining good health so wellness packages should be tailored to particular problem areas just like rehabilitative programmes are.

Preventative measures also provide good foundations for a healthy way of life, but taking the time to recharge the batteries and overcome stress is also a top priority.