Fist of all we all must take a look on the cost especially if we need other currency. So first choice is currency calculator.

Currency Travel Calculator

This app makes it easier to convert currencies in your journey. It provides real-time foreign currency exchange and simple calculation. Over 100 currencies are supported. Rates are available even offline.


Travel Check List

Don't forget anything before going to travel. We recommend this simple free app.

World Explorer

This is the must-have free app for worldwide travel. It will connect to your GPS and provide you with useful data on your surroundings.

Google Earth

Simply the best map, 3d and street view in the world. Also one of the most accurate and reliable sources of maps available online for free.

Travel Interpreter

No more translation issues. Also available as free lite version. Otherwise we recommend to spend few € on this really useful app.

If you travel a lot is this app perfect for you. Simply book your stay from anywhere on the road.