Славонске дивизије, Banja Koviljača, Serbia
Hospital Banja Koviljaca
Славонске дивизије, Banja Koviljača, Serbia


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By modernizing old edifices and constructing new accommodation facilities and various accompanying services, our Centre brings back the glory and prosperity of the past to this area, thus becoming not only a centre for healing and recovery, but also a place for relaxation and enjoyment. Each season is ideal for treatment, recovery and relaxation, and the best season is the one chosen by our guest to come to Banja Koviljaca and our center, which is open all year long, 24 hours a day. Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca is equipped with 416 beds in luxurious studio apartments, single and double rooms awarded “B” category in hotel standards. Apart from medical treatment, to ensure successful recovery and a pleasant stay at this spa with a tradition, exceptional care is given to nutrition which is balanced according to the needs of each guest. The menus include traditional Serbian specialties, as well as guest’s national dishes. We nourish the soul as well as the body.
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Medical Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Bar, Restaurant, Wellness centre, Wi-Fi
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4 star
Room Facilities